Hedderick Properties
Warehouse Storage

Hedderick Properties consist of 12 warehouses, with 162,000 square feet of unheated indoor storage space. Our industrial-size doors and high ceilings make it possible for us to receive and store large machinery and equipment, as well as boats, motorhomes, trucks, and automobiles.
VEHICLE STORAGE (All Vehicles Must Run or Be On a Trailer)

Storage fees for vehicles, boats, and RVs are determined by square footage. Square footage is based on longest length by widest width. For example, the tongue on the trailer adds to the length and the same for the propeller on a boat.


Additional fees will apply if additional services are required to remove the vehicle from storage, such as charging batteries, inflating tires, adding gasoline, engine oil, coolant or other fluids.

If customer takes vehicle from storage for maintenance or to use and returns it back to storage within a one month period, customer will be charged $25 each time vehicle removed.


Storage fees for machinery, etc., are determined by square footage, with a minimum charge of $30 per month.
Storage of household goods, furniture and perishable items is not available.


Initial placing of item into storage - varies depending upon size, weight, etc.

Final removal of item from storage - varies depending upon size, weight, etc.

There is no maximum amount of time an item can be stored, however, we do charge for a minimum of one month of storage if it is in storage less than one month. We bill monthly and all storage fees must be paid in full before an item can be removed from storage.

** We do not offer individual storage units. Hedderick Properties and ROG'S Inc. are not responsible for any item(s) stored either inside or outside on any property which, while stored there, suffers any damage or loss as a result of fire, water, theft, vandalism, or any other unforseen casualty. Any insurance for items stored is the responsibility of the person / company placing the item(s) in storage.

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