In the Rigging Industry, size matters. And since 1957, ROG’S Inc. has been steadily growing and developing into the local tri-state area’s largest and adequately equipped rigging company. With 17 conventional forklift of all sizes and three innovative forklifts, including a 15/25 Hoist-Lift, a 25/35 Versa-Lift, that is only 5 feet wide, but can lift 35,000 pounds; a 40/60 Versa-Lift that is only 6 feet wide, but can lift 60,000 pounds; and its workhorse, the Riggers Special, that can lift a hefty 80,000 pounds, ROG’S Inc. has a forklift for nearly every need. When reach or weight is an issue that a forklift cannot handle, ROG’S Inc. has cranes with a maximum capacity of 100 tons and a reach of 221.7 feet.

ROG’S Inc. has a 24,000 square-foot Machining Distribution Center. ROG’S Inc. receives and unloads each customer's machinery, saving them time and the aggravation of coordinating the trucker with a rigger. The machinery is uncrated and stored inside ROG’S Inc. building, protected from the elements, and then ROG’S Inc. delivers the machine when the customer is ready for delivery.

ROG’S Inc. slogan is “We Lift Things Up & We Place Them Down” meaning the company exercises the utmost care when handling every piece of equipment entrusted to its care because safety and customer satisfaction are ROG’S Inc. two main priorities. The next time you need rigging, call ROG’S Inc. and discover why we are the premier rigging & crane service professionals.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 3:30PM. Additional hours per overtime rates.


ROG’S Inc. offers Pennsylvania intrastate hauling of heavy machinery and warehousing. You can count on us to assist in arranging all handling – including rigging, hauling, crating and delivery to port, pier or airport. Whether you need boxing for a small or large shipment, your material will be handled with great care. We have the expertise and capacity to handle your shipment. You will appreciate the convenience of receiving just one invoice from ROG’S Inc.

You will never again need to worry about having your shipment shoved from location to location while you wait for an advantageous delivery time. Once your shipment is assigned to a staging area it stays there until you give the go-ahead.

Projects Manager, Scott Hedderick - ScottH@RogsInc.com
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